Here is a sample of my ONE OF A KIND only wallets...handmade by me. 100% ONE OF A KIND. Pachow!!!

::: NEW FEATURE ::: CUSTOM SNAPS & METAL CHOICES all on one page :::

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TCB bi-fold wallet   CAUGHT IN THE WEB tri fold wallet   TRIBAL LOTUS bill fold wallet  Custom ZZZEN DOG wallet GEORGES IRISH card wallet   MR VEGAS wallet   RACER SHARK card wallet        OTM Custom SAMURAI wallet    GATOR Custom Hornback Alligator Wallet    STINGRAY CLOVER wallet       BROKEN BAROQUE Custom Wallet   PIRATE Custom Wallet  STINGER Custom Wallet  Custom INITIAL B wallet & cuff     Custom POKER DEVIL wallet     Custom FREEDOM BIRDS wallet   Custom Sharkskin COFFIN CHASERS wallet   Custom SACRED ELEPHANT wallet

All tri-fold wallets will now be made with a ZIPPER POCKET

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