I'm always in the process of creating custom silver (& other precious metal) pieces for people. I've been so busy since day one (thanks for that by the way) that most of my custom rings, bracelets, & wallet chains haven't even made it to the site. I thought it would be fun to add this page to show some of the custom rings (& other stuff) that I have made since starting ONE TOO MANY.
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Customized POKERFACE skull ring that is now making his grand appearance
Custom POKERFACE with Garnet
This is a small sampling of my ONE OF A KIND bracelets & custom wallet chains
Custom BOARS HEAD bracelet   COPPER HEAD copper silver & brass bracelet       1 of 1 Wallet Chains & Bracelet Combo
Here are some examples of my customized EL JEFE skull rings. All of these rings are ONE OF A KIND...
DSNY Custom EL JEFE CRACKHEAD El Jefe JJC'S Custom El Jefe with GOLD TEETH 333 CUSTOM EL JEFE skull ring     MARTINI $ COUPLE custom El Jefe ring    RACERHEAD Custom El Jefe skull ring SUICIDAL T Custom El Jefe skull ring combo BRONZE BALL PEENED Custom El Jefe skull ring LUCKY 13 LUCKY 13 Custom El Jefe skull ring STAR FUCKER Custom El Jefe skull ring   SLASHER Custom El Jefe skull ring    BRASS NFFN Custom El Jefe skull ring

Custom Wedding Ring: Custom K clasp bracelet:
 Custom wedding ring K clasp bracelet
Special one-of-a-kind wedding ring This is a variation of my CROSSBONES bracelet The K clasp was carved specifically for this one bracelet

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